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Our vacuums use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, which can trap a large amount of very small particles that would otherwise recirculate back into the home...

...Reducing or eliminating these particles in the home provides a better air quality, which is especially important to allergy sufferers and people with other health problems.

You will find Biokleen in our cleaning kit.  The mint scented soy scrub is one of our favorites.  The unscented all purpose cleaner is our other go-to bottle.

We polish stainless steel appliances with Einshine.  We love the results we get with it.

Vinegar water is the most common spray that we use to clean floors.  It disinfects many surfaces from wood to tile and the scent of vinegar evaporates along with the hot water. Hot water or Murphy's wood oil soap are the other two options that our clients typically choose for their floors.

CitraClear is the window/glass/mirror cleaner that we use.  The Valencia orange scent is light and evaporates quickly.  It polishes up very well.

We use wool dusters in the first of a 3 part dusting technique.  We have a telescope duster for vaulted ceilings and a standard length wool duster for standard ceilings.

In part two of our 3-part dusting technique we use microfiber clothes. 

For our Move-Out cleanings we use our Riccar backpack vacuum to clean out all the kitchen cupboards, drawers and the pantry.  We love the edge vacuuming we get done with this too.  The HEPA bag on this machine ensures a level of cleaning down to the dust particles.
EHCS provides detailed house cleaning with environmentally responsible practices for residents in King and Snohomish County.
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